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TLM Consulting
TLM Consulting

The Nationwide HIM Consulting Corporation

TLM Consulting is a Health Information Management consulting corporation. Our boutique size and focus enable us to deliver a more flexible, higher-quality product at a lower price point. Our mission is to provide healthcare facilities with quality, compliant, cost-effective services.

We employ only AHIMA credentialed professionals, and every TLM staff member and coder is domestically based. All staff are extensively tested prior to joining the TLM team. This selective hiring process ensures that they have the expertise to maximize clients’ reimbursement.

Why TLM?

TLM Consulting


Is the key to increasing your revenue and the quality of physician documentation which will produce optimal coding and reimbursement.

TLM Consulting


Is guaranteed with TLM. Using only U.S.-based, educated and tested staff ensures TLM will provide quality services and guarantees coding accuracy above industry standards, eliminating the need for re-work and improving overall reimbursement.

TLM Consulting


Quality services are provided while continuing to meet industry and facility productivity standards.

TLM Consulting


No job is too big or too small for TLM. Flexible contract terms are available with no minimum volumes of contract length required. We are here to assist you in whatever capacity is needed.

TLM Consulting

Cost Savings

TLM understands that budgeted dollars for contract help are often limited and will provide extremely competitive rates based on your needs.

TLM Consulting Employment Opportunities

Looking for a change?
We offer full-time, part-time, or contingent positions. Our hours and days of operation are very flexible.

Please forward your resume detailing your coding experience to
[email protected]
or fax to (810) 329-2771.

TLM Consulting